Quality policy

VENFILTER was created on the 1st of July 1995 with the intention of being able to meet, within the services and industrial sector, the need for medium and high efficiency, compact, absolute, laminar flow and high temperature filtration equipment. That is why our activity is focused on the:

Design, manufacture and sale of filters and air equipment.


NATIONAL VOCATION: In a highly competitive global market within the current context VENFILTER continues moving forward: it is committed to the ongoing manufacture of highly competitive products which provide added value, the generation of work and participation in the national economy.

INTERNATIONAL VOCATION: Loyal to our commitment, we are fixing our sights on Europe and the rest of the world by offering excellent and sustainable solutions in terms of products and services in line with the best multinational companies.


SERVICE VOCATION: We are helping to improve companies which have technical installations by advising on the most optimal solutions so that our customers make the best decision for their business.

EXCELLENCE: For Venfilter quality is absolute, and so we are endorsed by ISO 9001. In times of change, our efforts are always focused upon ensuring high quality raw materials and continually improving processes so that our products and personalised service provide maximum satisfaction to our customers, assuming their requirements and the legal and regulatory ones that apply to us. From the perspective of our continuous improvement and standard compliancy, the European Standards Committee (EUROVENT), for the manufacture of Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Heating and Industrial Ventilation, Air Treatment equipment in Europe, accredits our activity in accordance with standards EN-779 and EN-1822.

ETHICS AND TRANSPARENCY: We simplify management, we innovate and we comply with the standards and the highest guarantees for our customers. We are committed to sustainability in order to leave a better world for future generations.

COMMITMENT AND SATISFACTION: We work to offer the highest quality, reliability and technical support at a reasonable price. So that each project becomes the best.


ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT: We are committed to being respectful towards the environment by reducing consumption, contamination and waste production in order to save resources.

PASSION: We enjoy our work and we always undertake it with enthusiasm, effort and dedication which ensure we evolve on a daily basis and place us at the head of the sector.

Quality controls are essential to guarantee the good performance of our filters, which are always individually tested.

This Quality Policy and the documents that support the System will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors as many times as required but not less than once a year, in line with standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001.