Bag Filters Because antimicrobial treatment that ininhibe growth of fungi, bacteria and high resistance improves the quality of HVAC facilities such as Air Conditioning In equipment (air conditioners, ventilation boxes, etz ...), Air Conditioning Systems (Buildings office Telefonicos Centers, Large Stores, Hospitals, Museums and Airports, Industrial Processes (Ind.Farmceutica, Food, Optics, etz ...) and as prefilter HEPA and ULPA filters.Bag-glass 50 (Galvanized), Bag-glass 50 (Plastic), Bag-glass 60 (Galvanized), Bag-glass 60 (Plastic), Bag-glass 80 (Galvanized) Bag-glass 80 (Plastic), Bag-glass 90 (Galvanized), Bag-glass 90 (Plastic)