Founded in Terrassa in 1992, today Venfilter is the only business within the sector with 100% domestic capital. Venfilter is the market leader for filter manufacturing in Spain.

Experience and specialisation as well as high quality service has ensured that we are a hallmark of excellence, providing expertise and a thorough service to different areas: hospital, pharmaceutical, veterinary, chemical, microelectronics, food, packaging, optics and aerospace sectors.


High Quality Filters, Manufactured Here and Certified Here.

We invest in the future by constantly backing new technology. As proof of this, we have a single laboratory in Spain, which enables us to guarantee our leakage standards for the filter cell of HEPA and ULPA filters according to the EN1822 standard.

We continue to carry out our work with great dedication and thoroughness, investing in research and improving our productive and service capacity so that we can offer excellence in air filters to businesses both in Spain and the rest of the world.

Our Vision


In a highly competitive global market within the current context VENFILTER continues moving forward: it is committed to the ongoing manufacture of highly competitive products which provide added value, the generation of work and participation in the national economy.


Faithful to our commitment, we are fixing our sights on Europe and the rest of the world by offering excellent and sustainable solutions in terms of products and services in line with the best multinational companies.

Our values


We are helping to improve companies which have technical installations by advising on the most optimal solutions so that our customers make the best decision for their business.


For Venfilter quality is absolute, and so we are ratified by ISO 9001:2008. In times of change, our efforts are always focused upon ensuring high quality raw materials and improving processes so that our products and personalised service provide maximum satisfaction to our customers.


We are simplifying the management, using innovation and complying with standards and the highest guarantees for our customers. A commitment to sustainability in order to leave a better world for future generations.


We work to offer the highest quality, reliability and technical support at a reasonable price. So that each project becomes the best.


We enjoy our work and we always undertake it with excitement, effort and dedication which ensures we evolve on a daily basis and places us at the head of the sector.


Respect for the Environment

As the world becomes more and more polluted, we are conscious that filtering air plays a fundamental role in the protection of equipment and people. As such, we are committed to innovation which favours the environment through different lines of action:

  • Better management of production waste in our factory.
  • Development of high performance products with a low pressure drop and low energetic consumption.
  • Limited use of potentially harmful substances.
  • Use of raw materials and production methods in accordance with a global policy of sustainable development.


Quality and Eurovent

In a highly competitive global market, quality is our reason to be. We are therefore ratified by ISO 9001:2015 demonstrating that we have achieved the highest quality standards.

Since May 2013, Venfilter is the only national company that is part of Eurovent ‘AirFilters’. Eurovent is the European organization that regulates the standards governing the classification, effectiveness, and energy efficiency of Air Filters and of which the main manufacturers of both equipment and filters in Europe are part.

Real Controls, One by One

  • Quality controls are essential to guarantee good performance from our filters, each one of which is subjected to an individual test.
  • The effort and dedication that we invest in our products means reliability for our customers. This is the reason for our continual evolution, which places Venfilter at the head of the sector.
  • Ethics and transparency, simplification of management, innovation, compliance with standards and the highest guarantees for our customers.

Quality Certificate

  • Bureau Veritas Certification, certifies that the quality system of the company VENTILACIÓN Y FILTRACIÓN, SL (Venfilter) complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

I + D

Since it began in 1992, Venfilter has been committed to research and development. As proof of this, we have a single laboratory in Spain which enables us to guarantee our leakage standards for the filter cell of HEPA and ULPA filters according to the EN1822 standard.


Whenever necessary we have improved our installations in order to meet our goals. Today, Venfilter is located in a new building with a greater total capacity for production, laboratory space, offices and storage