Air filters for airports


Contribute to a better user experience in airports and other places with a large influx of people is the priority of all parties involved in it. Caring for essential aspects such as the quality of the air in these airports is as important as taking care of lighting, spaces, furniture or acoustics.

Generally speaking,  airports are places where users spend a lot of time waiting and are exposed to a certain amount of stress. Of course a good air filtering is essential to achieve a good user experience and minimize the impact that such waiting times can have on the generation of such stress.

Airports are undoubtedly one of the places where air quality is of paramount importance, this being one of the most critical factors in determining the perfect atmosphere and also take good care of both facilities and people.

For this reason, it is essential to take care of key points such the humidity, the quality of the air, the proportion of gases suitable for the environment, as well as the absence of particles that could deteriorate or hinder the stay – or better we will say the general experience – of the users

Air filters for large volumes and requirements

In air conditioning systems in airports, it is common to find filters for entry, exit and recirculation in ventilation systems that require high security, such as bag filters or compact or panel filters.

Venfilter is a company that has a long experience in air filtration and especially in those situations where a high quality air filtration is necessary, as in airports, but also in hospitals and health centers and operating rooms, as well as in processes industrial high-demand, where a clean atmosphere is very important, free of impurities.

All that experience is what Venfilter can make relevant when it comes to creating the best clean airport environment.

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We are a company that since 1992 designs, manufactures and sells air filters for the protection of the environment, manufacturing processes and people.

Founded in Terrassa in 1992, Venfilter is today the only company in the sector with 100% spanish capital. Venfilter is the leading filter manufacturer in the Spanish market.

The experience and specialization, as well as the quality in the service have made us a reference, providing experience and rigor in different sectors: hospital, pharmaceutical, veterinary, chemical, microelectronics, food, packaging, optics and aerospace sector.

High quality filters, manufactured here and certified here.

We invest in the future, constantly betting on technology. As proof of this, we have the only laboratory in Spain that allows us to guarantee our sealing standards for the filter cell for HEPA and ULPA filters according to EN1822 standard.

We continue working with rigor, investing in research, improving our production and service capacity, to offer excellence in air filters to companies from here and from the rest of the world.