Air filters for factories


Caring for the air we breathe is everyone’s responsibility. Contributing to creating a clean environment should be a priority in any industrial process and it does not take an environmental expert to realize that the factories and the industrial processes that take place in them should impact on the environment as little as possible, if we want to contribute to combat climate change.

That is why at Venfilter we have a high commitment to the environment, clean industrial processes and people.

We are experts in the design, manufacture and marketing of air filters for factories and industrial processes. At Venfilter we will offer you the help you need in your filtration needs for air treatment and ventilation systems in any of your applications.

We manufacture filters for the most demanding industry

Each factory is totally different and different filtration systems are needed for a correct processing of the flows.

At Venfilter we are specialists in gathering the needs of our clients and adapting all filtering processes to the type of business. Our customers raise the most complex filtration needs in all types of processes from productive processes with high flow filtration to those processes where they require a more demanding air quality.

Industrial AIR filters with environmental commitment

We are aware that the world in which we live, air quality in general is going down and because of that, air filters will play a key role in creating health and quality of life. In factories and industrial processes, a good air filtering is then a key factor in which our products play a prominent role.

We invest in the future, constantly betting on technology. As proof of this, we have the only laboratory in Spain that allows us to guarantee our sealing standards for the filter cell for HEPA and ULPA filters, according to EN1822 standard.

We keep on working everyday with rigor and energy, investing in research, improving our production and service capacity, to offer excellence in air filters for industrial air conditioning to companies from here and from the rest of the world.

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