Air filters for museums


Museums are almost, without any doubt, one of the places where air quality is of paramount importance, this being one of the most critical factors when determining the perfect atmosphere and care of works of art.

In most cases we are talking about places where pieces of the most finest art are exhibited to the public, but also, places where these works of art -many of them conceived centuries ago- are preserved.

A museum carries out a double function: the exhibition and the preservation of these works. Both equally important.

For this reason, it is essential to take care of both the humidity, the quality of the air, the proportion of gases suitable for the environment, as well as the absence of particles that can deteriorate spoiling or hinder the preservation of such works of art.

In other specific cases, such as museums of natural history, it is very important that there is no cross contamination so as not to distort the organisms or the organic matter that is exhibited in them, in addition to many other care measures.

Air filters for high demands

In the air conditioning systems of museums, it is common to find filters for entry, exit and recirculation in ventilation systems that require high security, such as bag filters or compact or panel filters.

Venfilter is a company that has a long experience in air filtration and especially in those situations where a high quality air filtration is necessary, as in museums, but also in hospitals and health centers and operating rooms, as well as in processes industrial high demand such as industrial paint booths, painted automotive and lacquered, where a clean atmosphere is very important, free of impurities.

All that experience is what Venfilter can make relevant when it comes to creating the best clean environment for museums and showrooms.

Preserve to protect

Preserving the air quality of our museums to protect the pieces on display is one of the maxims of Venfilter’s quality policy.

Venfilter has been providing filtration solutions tailored to each client for more than 40 years, working hand in hand with the best specialists to create perfect atmospheres and clean environments for any need.

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