Air filters for painting booths

Filtros aire para cabinas de pintura

Painting booths need large amounts of air both for health and operational reasons to avoid, on the one hand, that the painting process is affected by contaminants, and on the other hand, that the process residues do not affect people or contaminate the environment.

A high degree of separation is required, even though dust concentrations and air flows are high.

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A good air filtration quality can only be guaranteed by companies with great experience in the sector like Venfilter. When talking about air filters for painting booths, we can provide continuous advice on improving the efficiency of systems.

Here at Venfilter we will help you by developing together a program adapted to your needs. Our objective is to supply the products that allow the design of painting booths with a quality of painting totally free of imperfections, together with an increase in the efficiency of the process and the protection of the environment, as well as guaranteeing the safety of the workers.

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