Air filters for public buildings


In Venfilter we are specialists in the care of your health through the manufacture and commercialization of air filters for public buildings that need an air of excellent quality.

Much of our health and well-being comes from the air we breathe. The spaces we inhabit, whether in a private, public, or in our workplace, must be protected from air pollution.

But not only the spaces in which we live or work, there are certain production processes, or certain workspaces, in which air quality plays a crucial role; we refer to operating rooms, for example. Venfilter is an expert in air quality for operating hospitals and health centers, to which it applies the maximum guarantees of safety.

It should be noted that there are many other industrial sectors that depend on correct air filtration to offer their customers a high quality product that is competitive in the market: hospital, pharmaceutical, veterinary, chemical, microelectronics, food, packaging, optics, aerospace, etc.

EUROVENT Guide to Air Filters

If you want to know more about how Venfilter can help you take care of the air that you and yours breathe, we offer you to download the EUROVENT Guide, an indispensable guide that all those responsible for the maintenance of companies and public buildings must know.

It is also a very useful document for those responsible for Prevention of Occupational Hazards and Occupational Health of companies and other public and private entities.

More than 25 pages in which you will find all the necessary information related to air filters and their scope of application. Doing good maintenance and care of the air filters affects healthier and safer public buildings.

You can download the EUROVENT Guide in this LINK 

VENFILTER, air filters manufactured and certified

Venfilter we are specialists in the design, manufacture and marketing of air filters for more than 25 years. We have experience in the sectors that require better air filtering.

We invest in the future, constantly betting on technology. As proof of this, we have the only laboratory in Spain that allows us to guarantee our sealing standards for the filter cell for HEPA and ULPA filters according to EN1822 standard.

We continue working with rigor, investing in research, improving our production and service capacity, to offer excellence in air filters to companies from here and from the rest of the world.