Air filters for the pharmaceutical industry


At Venfilter we are specialists in designing, manufacturing and marketing air filters meeting the highest quality standards, such as the ones needed in the pharmaceutical industry.

As manufacturers of air filters for the pharmaceutical industry, we provide our customers with EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters that satisfy the most demanding filtration needs.

Air filters with higher quality levels

The regulations present in the pharmaceutical industry demand the highest levels of quality both in the field of experimentation and in the manufacture of final products, which must be carried out in the clean room environment in the most aseptic way .

Venfilter provides air filters that meet the strictest international standards and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry applicable to these environments.

Unique laboratory in Spain

As a manufacturer of air filters and ventilation systems specialized in the pharmaceutical sector, we know that your company must comply with the highest standards of air quality, to have clean and aseptic spaces.

In VENFILTER we have the only laboratory in Spain that allows us to guarantee our sealing standards for the filter cell for EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters according to EN1822 standard.

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