Air filters maintenance


Having an optimal air quality is essential for both people and equipment in the production processes, and the greatest responsibility for this air quality lies in having good air filters in a good state of maintenance.

A free of particles pure and well filtered air has an effect on the overall health status of people. In recent years, health organizations have detected a higher incidence of respiratory diseases, as well as allergies and, to a large extent, the air qualitu guaranteed by good filtering helps to minimize these impacts.

Investing in good air filters is therefore investing in the health of people.

Air filters that last longer

Venfilter manufactures and sells tested and proved air filters that provide up to twice the durability of other filters in the same market price segment. We manufacture prefilters, filter blankets and HEPA and ULPA filters in a multitude of supports and sizes.

We are also specialists in filters for hospitals, clean rooms, and also for industrial processes and paint booths.

In fact, we have the only laboratory in Spain that allows us to guarantee our sealing standards for the filter cell for HEPA and ULPA filters according to EN1822 standard.

Filters that guarantee greater productivity

Stopping less is producing more. A maintenance always implies a stoppage in the productive processes. Due to the excellent performance and durability of our filters, we provide our customers with a lower maintenance frequency.

Spacing over time such maintenance actions directly affects productivity and the income statement. Stopping fewer times means being more competitive.

Filtering quality

In those industrial processes in which an air quality must reach maximum levels of purity such as manufacturing of electronic elements or painting processes free of suspended particles, Venfilter makes the difference with its HEPA and ULPA higher performance filters.

Guaranteeing the quality of these clean environments has a great impact on the excellence and performance of the production and this is achieved, among other things, by a good maintenance of the air filters.

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