Air quality in my workplace

Calidad de aire en la empresa

From Venfilter we are betting every day on work environments with cleaner air since it is proven that we spend between 80 and 90% of our time in closed environments, which may be contaminated in some way.

This problem has been boosted since the growing need for energy savings has led to the design of more airtight and hermetically closed buildings, with greater air recirculation, and consequently with a possible increase of indoor pollution.

Here at Venfilter we are fully committed to create more friendly work environments. In the last years, leaded form various departments of the modern companies, some great improvements have been done in many aspects to improve quality of life of employees: improvements in services, private medical insurance, social benefits, better adapted and ergonomic workplaces, etc.

However, in the field of working conditions, the aspect related to air quality in offices and general services is increasing. In practice, the effects of poor air quality in the company are capable of altering both the physical and mental health of the employees, causing greater stress and thus a decrease in work performance.

Here at Venfilter we are experts in air quality for workplaces. We have accumulated experience since 1992 designing, manufacturing and marketing air filters designed to protect the environment, manufacturing processes and people.

Experience and specialization, as well as quality in service, have made us a reference, providing experience in different sectors: hospital, pharmaceutical, veterinary, chemical, microelectronics, food, packaging, optics and aerospace.

Investing in improving the quality of air in your company means improving the health of your employees and productivity, that’s why the benefit is double.

Contact us and we’ll talk about how to improve air quality in your workplace.

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