Clean environments at work


Several studies have shown that working in a clean and careful place improves productivity and motivates. Thus, employees include among their priorities a ‘clean and healthy work environment’, along with other measures such as worker assistance programs, measures to manage stress and conflicts in the company, flu vaccines or promotion. of a healthy diet and a better physical form.

Every time we spend more hours in environments that are closed and in many cases are absolutely and hermetically isolated from the outside, which means that all the air flow into the interior depends on a climate control or ventilation circuit. This is air conditioning and ventilation circuits require a correct air filtering to ensure that the indoor environment is absolutely free of particles, suspension dust, potentially allergenic substances and other pathogens.

Clean air, healthy people

Correct air filtering of both air conditioning and air conditioning will provide a correct and healthy environment where our workers will be happier and more productive. In the long run, good air filtering has a direct impact on the productivity of the company, in the sense that incorrect filtering can induce more respiratory diseases in even allergies within the workplace.

What can we do?

It is always necessary to maintain good hygiene and cleanliness of the workplace as well as a good order of the elements that make up the environment. In this sense, good air filtering helps to keep workplaces free of dust and particles in suspension, helping to ensure that working environments last longer clean. And to carry out a good filtering it is necessary that the filters are in their optimum state of maintenance and operation, for which it is very necessary to carry out a good maintenance.

At Venfilter we are experts in the manufacture and marketing of filtering equipment for large companies and all types of environments that require clean, particle-free, clean air. As a company committed both socially and environmentally, we are aware of the great task we carry out to improve the health and quality of life of people. We use 100 × 100 Spanish technology and we own our own quality certification laboratory.

We create clean environments at work, places where you work happy, healthy, safe and calm. Aware that a clean work environment is a more productive work environment.

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