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In the day to day of our companies we are not fully aware of the importance of a good air filter in our industrial ventilation. In those industrial processes that require an air flow directly involved in the production process, good filtering is essential to achieve the company and production objectives.

On the other hand, in any closed industrial environment where there are working places and people inhabitating, a good air filtering has a direct impact on the general health of the workers and the people itself who is involved in the processes.

The critical element in all industrial ventilation processes is undoubtedly the air filter, it is that element that will provide us with a quality and purity of the air necessary both for the productive processes and to guarantee the health of people. At Venfilter we are experts in air filtering and industrial ventilation.

Filtering adapted to the most demanding needs

Each space is totally different and different ventilation and filtering systems are needed for a correct objective air conditioning. Those industrial sites that by their face size needs the tasks that are performed have to have a very precise total control of the indoor air quality are those that need a better and more accurate and effective air filtering.

At Venfilter we are specialists in gathering the needs of our clients and adapting all filtering processes to the type of business. Our clients raise the most complex filtration needs in all types of processes from production processes with high flow filtration to those processes where they require a more demanding air quality type paint booths.

Quality filters since 1992

Founded in Terrassa in 1992, Venfilter is today the only company in the sector with 100% national capital. Venfilter is the leading filter manufacturer in the Spanish market.

The experience and specialization, as well as the quality in the service have made us a reference, providing experience and rigor in different sectors: hospital, pharmaceutical, veterinary, chemical, microelectronics, food, packaging, optics and aerospace sector.

Venfilter is the only Spanish company with Eurovent certification

Eurovent es el Comité europeo de Fabricantes de Equipos de Ventilación, Acondicionamiento de Aire y Refrigeración, Calefacción y Ventilación industrial, Tratamiento de Aire, en Europa.

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