Filters for automotive paint booths


Venfilter is a manufacturer of industrial air filters and has extensive experience in the production of filters for those applications where extreme filtration is necessary to provide a particle-free environment that guarantees the quality of the manufactured product.

A specific case of filtering high performance and efficiency is that of paint booths (for example in car paint shops) where once again an environment free of dust and particles is essential to guarantee the perfect finishing of the painting work carried out.

The car-paint booths require large quantities and air flow for various reasons, both operational in terms of reliability and also from a health perspective. It is important to avoid, on the one hand, that the quality of the paint finishing is damaged or altered by contaminants, and on the other, that the waste and particles remaining from the process can not affect either people or the environment and therefore we can be compliant with the environmental requirements that regulate the sector.

Automotive paint filters for any need

We manufacture customized air filters for car paint booths for any filtering need. Our technical department is capable of designing, adjusting and refining any air filter to provide the air quality required for the processes and needs required by any painting process.

In line with our quality policy and service vocation, we help improve companies that have technical facilities for car painting, advising them about the best filtering solutions in order to help them taking the best business decisions.

Our filters for automotive paint booths last longer

Venfilter manufactures the most efficient air filters for any filtration solution. For a certain price range, our air filters are more efficient and have better durability and performance than our competitor’s.

About Venfilter

We are experts in the design, manufacture and marketing of filtration solutions and experts in air filters since 1995. We have the tools, specific products and experience to provide workers and production equipment with a constant and controlled flow of clean air comfortably, to maintain the highest levels of health and safety at work.