Industrial climatization air filters


One of the main concerns of the human being is to create a healthy habitat where to carry out its activities. It is true that we spend a lot of our time working and much of it we are inside an industrial environment, offices, facilities, etc. It is then a priority to create a clean environment and take good care of the quality of the air we breathe, keep it clean of particles and pathogens.

In modern industrial installations there are ventilation systems with air renewal methods in which the filtration system becomes particularly relevant. An efficient air renewal system will provide us with a cleaner and healthier working environment, avoiding pathogens.

The most extreme case of air filtration is the cabin of commercial passenger airplanes in which the air we breath is renewed about 15 or 20 times every hour. In modern commercial aircraft there are some air fresheners with high efficiency filters in which all pathogens are retained or virtually all.

Air filters for industries

 Certain ventilation systems require high quality and sterility of the air and this will determine the type of filter that is suitable for each case. Correct air conditioning and climatization and filtering is essential for keep away any external agent to contaminate these work environments or processes, and preventive review is essential to avoid that any malfunction on installed filters directly affects the industrial processes. 

Some of the main industries in which air conditioning filters are present are operating theaters and hospital intensive care units, clean rooms, industrial processes in the electronics and microelectronics sector, cosmetics or food, handling of dangerous substances or in the nuclear industry itself and its research facilities, laminar flow zones for pharmaceutical processes, paint booths, air conditioning systems and intelligent buildings, etc. 

At Venfilter we provide the necessary expertise for a correct definition and optimization of the climatizationsystem that needs its activity, and we supply all types of prefilters, medium and fine filtration alternatives, active carbon filters and absolute filters (HEPA / ULPA) of measures and materials. 

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