Industrial ventilation


At Venfilter we are experts in designing, manufacturing and marketing air filters for the protection of the environment, manufacturing processes and people.

In general, industrial ventilation consists of renewing the air inside an enclosure by replacing it with clean air from the outside. It is used to clean the environment of a workplace of polluting agents (welding fumes, polishing powders, vapors …), to expel the oppressive heat of the summer and to cool with external air in accordance with the regulations and municipal ordinances that they require a minimum of environmental renewal.

For Venfilter, however, industrial ventilation consists of creating environments of excellence to guarantee the perfection in the manufacturing processes and the health of the people involved in these processes.

Excellence in industrial ventilation

The experience and specialization, as well as the quality in the service have made us a reference in filtration and industrial ventilation, providing experience and rigor in different sectors: hospital, pharmaceutical, veterinary, chemical, microelectronics, food, packaging, optics and sector aerospace.

Objectives of good industrial ventilation

  • • Ensure the quality of the indoor air
  • Ensure the health of the air, both the control of humidity, concentrations of gases or particles in suspension.
  • Collaborate in the thermal conditioning of the building.
  • Fight against fumes in case of fire.
  • Reduce the concentrations of gases or particles to levels suitable for the operation of machinery or facilities.
  • Protect certain areas of pathogens that can penetrate via air.