Manufacturer of industrial air filters


Venfilter is your partner manufacturer of industrial air filters. We are experts in the design, manufacture and marketing of filtration solutions and experts in air filters since 1995. We have the tools, specific products and experience to provide workers and production equipment with a constant and controlled flow of clean air comfortably, to maintain the highest levels and health and safety conditions at work.

Experience in high performance filtering

Venfilter is a manufacturer of industrial HEPA and ULPA air filters for the most demanding environments, such as hospitals, operating rooms and health centers, where air quality makes a difference by achieving an environment virtually free of bacteria and infections.

In the same way we also provide industrial air filters for electronic production where extreme filtration is necessary to provide a particle-free environment that guarantees the quality of the manufactured product.

Also in extreme filtration solutions such as paint booths (for example in automotive paint shops) where once again an environment free of dust and particles is essential to guarantee the finishing of the painting work carried out.

We manufacture custom air filters to place in any filtering need, our technical department is able to design, adjust and perfect any air filter to provide the air quality required for the processes and needs that our customers require.

In line with our quality policy and service vocation Venfilter, we help improve companies that have technical facilities, advising them on the most optimal filtering solutions for our customers to take the best decision for their business.

Investing in Air Filters is investing in safety and health

The safety in the production industry as well as the protection of the personnel involved in the productive processes is a key and fundamental premise for your company in order to be considered an efficient business, and this happens in three dimensions: economically, socially and environmentally.

Consequently, the flow of clean air must be in both directions, both to supply clean air inward and also from inside to outside to avoid the escape of potentially harmful substances to the environment. The good care of the air filters is basic to guarantee all this.

The most efficient air filters

Venfilter is a manufacturer of industrial air filters for any filtration solution. For a certain price range, our air filters are more efficient and have best durability performance over our competitors.

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