ATEX Absolute Hepa Filters

Astroven (MDF) ATEX

The Astroven ATEX is a HEPA filter suitable for filtering particles in the air such as viruses, germs, toxic dust or aerosols. For applications in special air conditioning and ventilation systems for food, chemical, pharmaceutical Ind. etc. Which have to meet the demanding requirements of explosive atmospheres.

In areas with potentially explosive atmospheres (those that in atmospheric conditions are a mixture of air and hazardous substances in the form of gas, vapors, mists or dusts and, in which after ignition occurs, combustion spreads to the whole of the unburned mixture) the filters are conductors of electricity. Prepared by means of a connection cable for electrostatic discharge they comply with the European ATEX directive for products used in explosive atmospheres.

Technical features

Type: Very High Efficient Absolute Compact Filter.
Frame: MDF (High density wood).
Filter Element: Fiberglass paper.
Separators: Wavy Aluminum.
Sealant: Polyurethane.
Seal: Neoprene flat profile seal.
MPPS efficiency: 99.95% and 99.995%.
EN 1822 Class: H13 and H14.
Recommended Final Load Loss: 600 Pa.
Temperature: 75ºC in continuous service.


Possibility of Atex version.


Absolute Filtration / Clean Rooms Class: H


Astroven (MDF) ATEX



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