Absolute Hepa filters

Astroven (MDF)

The HEPA absolute filters are used for filtration of inlet, outlet and recirculation air in ventilation systems such as: Air Inlet (Clean Rooms, Operating Rooms, Laboratories, etc.), Industrial Processes (Microelectronics, Food Industry, Optics, Pharmaceutical Industry, Fine Chemistry, etc.), Treatment of Dangerous substances (Asbestos, Metal dust, Bacteria, Viruses, Radioactive Particles).

Technical features

Type: Compact Absolute Filter
Frame: MDF (High density wood)
Filtering Element: Glass microfibre paper.
Separators: Thermoplastic glue beads.
Sealant: Polyurethane.
Gasket: Bicomponent polyurethane liquid system.
(Semi-circular expanded polyurethane)
MPPS efficiency: 99.95% and 99.995%
Class EN 1822: H13 – H14
Recommended Final Pressure Loss:600 Pa.
Temperature: 80ºC in continuous service.


– The V-shaped pleating method guarantees the optimum geometry of the pleats and a uniform distance between them, resulting in a lower pressure loss with a higher airflow.
– V-shaped pleat pleating, technology allows us to remove the aluminum separators and thereby eliminate the risk of leaks due to the perforations of the aluminum separators.
– The filter is light and easy to eliminate thanks to the new manufacturing technology.
– The filter with an MDF frame can be totally incinerated. The filter does not have any metal parts.
– The total use of the filtering area, in addition to the uniform dust deposition with the new pleat shape technology, leads to longer duration.
– Due to the increased filtering area, the speed of the air through the filter and the resistance to flow decrease, thereby saving energy.
– Thanks to the uniform shape of the pleats the airflow does not generate turbulences.
– The Microven filters offer more protection and reliability as a result of the larger filtration area provided by the new pleating shape technology. Also filtration efficiency is increased and an excellent cost-efficiency ratio is achieved.
– The filter media is self-extinguishing glass microfiber paper (class F-1) and resistant to humidity up to 100% relative humidity.


Absolute Filtration / Clean RoomsClass: H




Astroven (MDF)