Glass Fibre Bag Filters

Bag-glass 50 (Plastic)

BAG-GLASS filters are made of fiber glass bags. The combination of fine and coarse woven glass fibers guarantees a low initial pressure drop and an excellent dust-collecting capacity in HVAC systems such as: Air conditioning units (ventilation chambers, etc.), Air conditioning systems (office buildings, call centers, department stores, hospitals, museums and airports), Industrial processes (pharmaceutical, food, optical industries, etc.) and as a pre-filter for HEPA and ULPA filters.

Technical features

Type: High-efficiency bag filter.
Frame: Plastic.
Media: Fiberglass fabric.
Bags: Conical shape.
Average Efficiency: 40 ≤ Em < 60%.
EN 779 Class: M5.
ISO 16890: ePM10 65%.
Recommended Final Pressure Drop: 300 Pa.
Temperature: 90ºC.


– Conical Shape.
– Suitable food industry.


Air treatment


Bag-glass 50 (Plastic)


* Energy Consumption kWh / year: Calculated according to Eurovent 4 / 21-2017 guidelines.
** Energy Consumption kWh / year: Calculated according to Eurovent guidelines.
**** Energy class according to Eurovent.

*UxP: Units per box
*Stock: F: Manufacture, S: Stock, SL: Limited Stock