Hygienic Change

Bag In / Bag Out

Hermetic filter unit for safe, contamination-free filter change, designed for applications with safety demands, in zones with contaminated air (particles, microorganisms, molecules), environments that can adversely affect the operator’s safety. Suited for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical industries, hospitals, biosafety laboratories, facilities for animals.

Technical features

Type: Hermetic modular filter unit for filter change without contamination, designed for applications with safety demands.
Construction: Hermetic welded steel, continuous welding, safety cover.
Finish: White epoxy paint (RAL 9010) and oven dried. Available in stainless steel.
Filters: HEPA/ULPA filters type Poliven or Astroven with a depth of 292 mm, Carbon filters Poly-carb with a depth of 292mm and Quebraven or Varipleat type filters of 98 mm depth.
Filter assembly: Fast filter securing through the lever system, equipped with a “double safety” on both the clampling frame and the door: Impossible to fasten the filter if it is not placed correctly and impossible to close the door if the filter is not fastened to the frame.
Connection: Pre-drilled rectangular flanges.
Options: Stainless steel, configuration for ATEX environments. Many options are available regarding installation configuration. Please ask our experts.


– Safe changing bag with sealed O-ring
– Safety bags with O-ring and arm protection
– Connection ducts 1-6 in parallel for high flow rates
– Analog pressure gauge integrated in console
– Support table for filter change
– Inspection records
– Filter scanning system.


– Secure filter change, no risk of contamination.
– Configuration according to requirements. A wide range of containers with various options is offered. Individual or possibility of various stages of filtration in just one container.
– Side or top/bottom air inlet/outlet plenums available.
– Filter replacement procedure manual.
– ATEX version available.


Mounting parts


Technical documentation

Bag In / Bag Out


Bag In / Bag Out