Bag Nanowave

Bag Nanowave

Nano Wave® technology incorporates a multilayer filter blanket that has fine wavy fibers protected with a prefilter layer that separates fine dust. The wavy profile of this extrafine fiber increases the effective area of the filter, which results in a minimal initial pressure drop and greater dust retention. Bag filters with Nano Wave® technology are free of electrostatic charges, comply with the new ISO 16890: 2016 regulations and meet the hygienic requirements for air filters, making them suitable for application in sensitive areas.

Technical features

Type: High efficiency bag filters
Frame: Galvanized
Medium: Nanowave
Bags: Conical shape
Average efficiency: % (Em): 60%> = Em <80%
Class EN779: M6-F7-F8-F9.
ISO16890: ePM1 60%, ePM1 65%,ePM1 70%, ePM1 80%.
Recommended final pressure drop: 300 Pa
Temperature: 80ºC.


– High energy efficiency and a long product life cycle, considerably reducing maintenance costs.

– They achieve an efficiency equivalent to that achieved by the fiberglass filters and also reduce the level of CO2 emissions to the environment in a sustainable way.

– The trapezoidal cut of the bags provides the best conditions for air flow.


Air treatment


Bag Nanowave



* Energy Consumption kWh / year: Calculated according to Eurovent 4 / 21-2017 guidelines.
** Energy Consumption kWh / year: Calculated according to Eurovent guidelines.
**** Energy class according to Eurovent.

*UxP: Units per box
*Stock: F: Manufacture, S: Stock, SL: Limited Stock