Bag Filter

Bag-Synthetic M5 (Galvanized)

Filtration of inlet, outlet and recirculation air in ventilation systems such as: air conditioning applications, machine room and production area ventilation, air extraction and recirculation in painting booths and for pre-filtration in industrial processes.

Technical features

Type: Bag filter.
Frame: Galvanized Steel.
Media: Synthetic fiber.
Average Efficiency % (Em): 40% < Em < 60%.
EN 779 Class: M5.
ISO 16890: Coarse 70%.
Recommended Final Pressure Drop: 450 Pa
Temperature: 90ºC


– Synthetic Media.
– Large filter surface.
– Special sizes can be manufactures for painting booths.


Air treatment

Bag-Synthetic M5 (Galvanized)


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