Ceiling duct intercalators


Air impulsion or extraction for High Efficiency filtration.

Technical features

Type: Filtering module for Air Treatment.
Construction: Filter holder case built in 23 mm sandwich panel, thick, lacquered on the outside, aluminum profile frame with polyamide corner pieces and 50 mm base.
Optional: Stainless Steel.
Registration: At the side (left or right).
Filter attachment: By means of a BTRM frame with 4 attachment clips.
Installation: Installed at the ends of the air distribution duct or inserted in the ventilation circuit.
For filters: Fitting of filters with flange (Multiven, Varipac)
Includes: Rack for high efficiency pre-filter or filter.
Optional: The module can include a fan, cooling/heating coils, flow regulation gates control system and hoppers to insert into a duct.


– High Flow compact solution.
– High-efficiency filtration- from M5 to F9.
– Smell and contaminant filtration (Multicarb).
– Assembly of filters with 25mm flange.
– Record for filter maitenance on the right or left side.


Fitting Elements

Technical documentation




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