Grain coal


It is an activated carbon of high purity and large surface area. A chemical impregnated neutralizes acidic compounds with effectiveness.

Technical features

Specific surface: 1050 m2/g
H2S Removal capacity: Up to 26% in weight 0.14 gr/cc
Density: 540 ± 30 Kg/m3
Pellet diameter: 4mm
Mechanical strength: 97%
Humidity: 15%
Ignition temperature: 280 ºC/ 536ºF
Gas removal process: Chemisorption
Target pollutants: H2S, SO2, Mercaptanos, Ácidos CI2
Humidity(%): 10-95
Temperature: -20ºC till 50ºC
Efficiency(%): Up to 99,9
Packaging: Available in bags of 25Kg (55Ibs)

Quality control: Subject to the following quality controls: – H2S Capacity
– Moisture Content

Media handling: Installers are recommended to wear dust masks, goggles and ruber gloves. Waste generated from handling must be disposed of and recycled according to local, state and national regulations.
Applications: It is suitable for a wide range of applications: waste water treatment plants, corrosion control, food processing, waste handling, museums, archives, datacenters and more.


– Broad spectrum of pollutants removal.
– Higher loading capacity = longer life.
– Resistance to high moisture content.


Active Carbon Filters