Grain coal


It is a bituminous active carbon impregnated with phosphoric acid. Typical applications include odor and irritants absorption derived from sewer system, fertilizers, printers, cleaners, urine and fish processing.

Technical features

Specific area: 1050 m2/g
NH3 Removal capacity: Up to 10% in weight
Density: 580 ± 30 Kg/m3
Pellet diameter: 3 o 4 mm
Mechanical strength: >98%
Humidity: 15%
Gas removal process: Chemisorption
– Ammonia, amines and volatile organic compounds.
– Dimethylmine, isobuthylamine, t-butyl amine, di-n-propylamine, Isopropyl amine, Tetramethyl, n-butyl amine, Ethylamine, Methylamine, Triethylamine, Cyclo exylamine, Ethylenediamine, Methylethylamine, Trimethylamine, Diethylamine, n-Propylamine, toluidina, Hexamethylendiamine, Sec-butylamine y Phenylethylamine.
Humidity: 10-95%
Temperature: -25ºC till 50ºC
Efficiency: Up to 99,9%
Packaging:Available inBags of 25Kg.
Quality control: Subject to the following quality controls:
– Titratable Phosphoric Acid
– Moisture Content
Media handling:Installers are recommended to wear dust masks, goggles and ruber gloves. Waste generated from handling must be disposed of and recycled according to local, state and national regulations.


– Spécifique pour les gaz basiques
– Adsorption combinée avec plusieurs composés


Active Carbon Filters