Grain coal


It is a granulated product presented as cylindrical pellets based on natural clays which have been extruded together with potassium permangante (KMnO4) as active principle. The KMnO4 in CARB FORMALDEHYDES is responsible for the removal of the target gases, principally ethylene and formaldehyde, thanks to a chemical reaction on the active surface of the absorbent.

Technical features

Ethylene absorption capacity: Up to 4.5% (L/Kg media)
Ethanol absorption capacity: Up to 20% (w/w)
HCHO absorption capacity: Up to 8% (w/w)
Density: 840 ± 20 Kg/m3
Pellet diameter : 3,4 mm
Radial crush strength: 3 KgF
LOA (Loss On Attrition): <5%
Humidity: 20%
Target pollutants: Ethylene, Formaldehyde and VOCs
Humidity: 10-95%
Temperature: -20ºC till 50ºC
Efficiency: Up to 99,9%

Application: – Extraordinary ethylene elimination and air cleaning in fresh produce transport and/or storage enclosures, thus extending the post-harvest life of the products.
– Effective removal of other light odorous volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as short-chain alcohols or formaldehyde (HCHO).

Packaging: Available in bags of 25Kg.

Quality control: Subject to the following quality controls: – Ethylene absorption capacity and efficiency.
– Moisture Content

Media handling: Installers are recommended to wear dust masks, goggles and ruber gloves. Waste generated from handling must be disposed of and recycled according to local, state and national regulations.


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