Grain coal


It is based on activated carbon of the highest purity and impregnated with 4% KI to provide excellent adsorption properties. It is designed to remove mercury and iodine compounds. It is also effective in removing formaldehyde and organic aldehydes, sulfur compounds, mercaptans, DMDS, SO2, and H2S.

Technical features

Surface area: 1050 m2 / g
Methyl mercaptan adsorption capacity: Up to 17% by weight
Dimethyl sulfide adsorption capacity: Up to 23% by weight
SO2 adsorption capacity: Up to 13% by weight
H2S adsorption capacity: Up to 19% by weight
Density: 580 ± 30 Kg / m3
Pellet diameter: 3 or 4 mm
Hardness: 97%
Humidity: 15%
Gas removal process: Chemisorption
– Mercury
– Radioactive iodine and organic iodine compounds
– Formaldehyde and organic aldehydes
– Sulfur compounds, mercaptans, DMDS, SO2 and H2S
Humidity (%): 10-95
Temperature: -20ºC to 50ºC
Performance: Up to 99.9

Packaging: Available in 25Kg bags.

Quality control: Subject to the following quality controls: – KI content
– Moisture content

Media handling: Installers are recommended to wear dust masks, goggles, and rubber gloves. Waste generated by handling must be disposed of and recycled according to local, state and national regulations.


– Wide range of gas adsorption.
– High load capacity = long life.
– Avoid side effects caused by the toxic properties of mercury.


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