Grain coal


Combines a mixture of physical and chemical processes to control gas emissions. Oxidized gases are converted into harmless products such as CO2, water and salts. It is designed to eliminate efficiently pollutants such as acidic gases, N- and S- containing compounds and low molecular weight compounds. Brings improved physical properties such as hardness and resisrance against fully saturated atmospheres. Its exhaustion is easily seen since the colour changes from violet to brownish.

Technical features

H2S Absortption capacity: Up to 16% (w/w)
SO2 Absortption capacity: Up to 6% (w/w)
NO Absortption capacity: Up to 2,5% (w/w)
NO2 Absortption capacity: Up to 8% (w/w)
HCHO Absortption capacity: Up to 8% (w/w)
Density: 840 ± 20 Kg/m3
Pellet diameter: 3 o 4 mm
Mechanical strength: 4 Kg de f/cm
Humidity: 15%
Target pollutants: H2S, SO2, NO,NO2, Formaldehyde, Ethylene, HCN, Short-chain alcohols, Organic and inorganic acids, Aldehydes, Light VOCs, Methyl and ethyl mercaptan
Humidity: 10-95%
Temperature: -20ºC till 50ºC
Efficiency: Up to 99
Packaging: Available in bags of 25Kg.

Quality control: – H2S absorption capacity ASTM D6646
– Moisture content
Media handling: Use the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when handling solid chemicals: dust mask, safety goggles and rubber gloves. Waste generated from handling must be disposed of and recycled according to local, state and national regulations.
Application: It is especially recommended for a wide range of applications: wastewater treatment plants, pulp and paper plants, airports, chemical plants, refineries, gas venting and more.


– Wide spectrum of gases absorption.
– Best polishing method to comply with the stringiest outlet gas concentrations.
– Higher loading capacity.
– Visual indicator when product is consumed.
– Spent media is landfill disposable.


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