Grain coal


Combines a premium quality activated carbon with a proprietaty blend of catalytic inorganic phase and metal oxides, which results in an extraordinary hydrogen sulfide (H2S) absorption capacity in oxygen-poor streams. Unlike other medias, H2S is not converted to sulfuric acid (H2SO4), but to elemental sulfur (S), which is accumulated in the carbon micropores. BOIN Carb ODR is also a good absorbent for other acidic gases, such as sulfur dioxide(SO2), methylmercaptan and volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs).

Technical features

H2S Absorption capacity: Up to 50% (w/w)
Mechanical strength: 2 KgF
Density: 450 ± 30 Kg/m3
LOA (Loss On Attrition): <10%
Peller diameter: 3, 4 mm
Humidity: 15-20%
Ignition temperature: 420ºC (799 ºF)
Target pollutants: H2S, SO2, Methylmercaptan and VSCs
Humidity: 10-95%
Temperature: -20ºC till 50ºC
Efficiency: 99.5%min
Maximum bed height: 1,5m (optimum height up to 1m)
Packaging: Available in bags of 20Kg.
Quality control: – H2S absorption capacity ASTM D6646
– Moisture content
Application: Highly effective in the abatement of odour caused by sulfur compounds (in wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, sewage systems…) as long as the application guidelines is respected


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