Filter cartridge

Cartridges turbines

Air inlet of gas turbines, compressors and engines.

Technical features

Type: High Efficiency self-cleaning cartridge.
Frame: Upper and lower cover.
Construction: Interior and upper collectors in expanded galvanised steel.
Filtering Element: Mixture of resin-impregnated cellulose and synthetic fibres.
Sealant: Resin resistant to high temperatures and stable under the action of chemical agents.
Gasket: Circular neoprene seal with a triangular section glued on the top cover.
Separators: Thermoplastic glue (hotmel) spacers.
Average Efficency % (Em): 96% Em
Class EN 779: F9
Recommended Final Pressure Loss: 1500 Pa.
Temperature: 80ºC continuous service.


Filters for turbines

Cartridges turbines


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