Hepa diffuser

Diffuser and Grids

Final filtration at the injection nozzle or one-way flow extraction for Clean Rooms.

Technical features

Type: Diffuser grids.
For Plastic Housings:
DFPAPHTPB: Perforated aluminum diffuser; white epoxy painted (RAL 9016).
DFRHTP: Rotational diffuser white epoxy painted (RAL 9016), with a helical jet.
For Metal Housings:
DFPAPHTM: Perforated steel diffuser; in white epoxy painted (RAL 9016).
DFRHTM: Rotational diffuser; white epoxy painted (RAL 9016) helical jet.
Assembly: Diffusers are mounted using screws.
Perforation ratio: 40% for DFPAPHTPB / 45% for DFPAPHTM.


Fitting Elements

Diffuser and Grids


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