Prefilters metal fan coil

Fan Coil Frame

Pre-filters for the retention of coarse particles for fan coils in galvanised frame.
Designed for autonomous air conditioning equipment.

Technical features

Type: Extra flat panel filter.
Frame: Galvanised Steel.
Average yield % (Am): 65% ≤ Am < 80%.
EN 779 Class: G3.
ISO 16890: Coarse 50%.
Recommended Final Pressure Drop: 250 Pa.
Temperature: 100ºC (MMFC and MMFCA).

MMFC Model: U-shaped profile with two galvanized protection grids; 12x24x0.8 on both sides.
MMFCA Model: U-shaped profile with a protection grid on the air outlet and a 3mm.retaining clip on the air inlet to enable filter panel replacement.


Frame Width6,8,10, y 1210/12
Frame Height230230
Filter MediaSynthetic blanket
Poluyrethane Foam (PPI)
Synthetic blanket
Poluyrethane Foam (PPI)


MMFCNY Model: Manufactured with a slimline frame, with two grids of 12x24x0.8 on both sides. Also manufactured without grid.
Polypropylene thickness: 1,9 mm.
Grammage m2.: 135 g/m2.
Temperature: 170ºC.


Frame Width3/5
Frame Height230
Filter MediaNylon


– Economic.
– Slimline model.
– Replaceable Fan coil frame.



Fan Coil Frame


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