Surgery ceiling

Filtration ceiling

Filtration ceilings with plenum for replaceable HEPA/ULPA filters, type Laminarven, for a correct air diffusion in operating theaters with laminar flow.

Technical features

Type: Diffuser terminal unit for ceiling installation, for final filtration in operating theaters.
Construction: Tight welded electro-galvanised steel, white epoxy paint (RAL 9010) and, oven dried.
Air inlet: Side or top according to project requirements. The standard version is manufactured with side entry.
Installation: Handles to fasten it allowing a fast and easy mounting. Filters: Laminarven type with depths of 66, 69 mm in the (standard version). 80 mm in filters with gel seal.
Control: Connection filted as a standard in the structure.
– Plenum, structure and grid in stainless steel.
– Tight receptacle to place the lamp; position as per project needs.
– Possibility to build the plenum for placement of filters with gel seal.
– Protective grids in steal with oven-dried white epoxy point RAL9010.
– Protective screen made of nylon fabric tensed over the frame.


– Smooth coating, easy cleaning of the diffuser grid.
– Internal centring parts for the filters and fasteners to place the filter within the structure.
– Replaceable Hepa or Ulpa Filter.
– Removal of the filter without altering the tightness of the roof. DOP connections and Pressure Drop.

Filter fastener

DOP measurement

Integrity test probe


Air outlet

Side view


Mounting partsFor 66 mm filters

Technical documentation


Filtration ceiling



VENHOSP TYPE 6: The VENHOSP type 6 ceiling with an operational surface of around 10m2 is ideal for “heavy” surgical interventions (orthopaedic, cardiology, etc.) because it offers to the surgical team great relief (recommendation in the“ Guide to air treatment in hospitals” by INCLIMA) used at a speed of 0,25m/s to 0,30 m/s in a surgery of 45 m2.
VENHOSP TYPES 3 and 4: The 3 and 4 TYPES with injection surfaces of 5 and 7 m2 respond to the needs in “lighter” surgical interventions.
VENHOSP TYPE 3: It guarantees the minimum index required by standard NF S90-351 in a surgery of 40 m2 functioning at an average speed of 0,30m/s.
VENHOSP TYPE 1: In ultra-sensitive services (third degree burns, patients with immune system disorders, etc.). It’s specifically designed to protect the bed.

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