Hepa diffuser

Metal Housing Side Mouth without regulation

Metal terminal diffuser for replaceable HEPA/ULPA filters, type Laminarven for air diffusion in clean rooms with turbulent and laminar flow.

Technical features

Type: Diffuser terminal unit for ceiling or wall installation for the final filtration of a Clean Room.
Construction: Electro-galvanised steel, welded, airtight, white epoxy paint (RAL 9016) and oven dried.
Air inlet: Circular side (HTMBL) with fixing collar.
Installation: Holes for fastening for easy and quick assembly.
Filter fixing: At the bottom, against the smooth, one-piece frame and fastened with fixings that provide continuous and constant pressure.
For filters: Filters of 66, 78, 90 and 110 mm. depth.


Smooth coating, allows easy cleaning of the diffuser grille.
– Internal centring devices for the filters and fixed fixings for the location of the filter inside the housing, preventing it from falling out.
housing, preventing the filter from falling out.
Easy assembly or replacement of the filter.
– Easy adaption of different filter fixings.
– New lid fastening system.

– Rigid construction design, allowing an easy and quick assembly or installation.
– Installation on the ceiling, side or top entry.
– It is also equipped with four drilled brackets for suspension.

Steel plenum:

Fitted grids:

Fixings for filter attachment:

Probes for integrity test and differential pressure measurement and clamping bracket:

Measurements Filters:

Diffusers and grilles:


Mounting elements

Technical documentation

HTMBLCR- Side air inlet with room control system

Metal Housing Side Mouth without regulation


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