Filter for varnishing, lacquer application… in dry filtration booths.

Technical features

Type: Die-cut cardboard filter for painting booth extraction.
Media: Kraft paper layers assembled together to create a multi-stage collection system. A synthetic media layer can also be incorporated, which is designed for dry products.
Maximum Pressure Loss: 147 Pa.
Temperature: 80ºC.
Standard: Multipurpose and very effective filter. It adapts very well in cases of multiple spraying and is consists a 1.2mm ultrafine mesh.
High Capacity: It consists of two reinforced layers of 120g/m2, 5 standard layers of 70g/m2 and and ultra-thin mesh of 1.2mm. It guarantees excellent efficiency and long durability.
Euro-Supra II: It adds a synthetic top layer and adapts easily to different filtration situations and to any type of cabin. It is recommended in case of water curtain cabin coversion.
Euro-Supra High Capacity: It consists of 10 layers of paper and synthetic final layer, three layers of High Capacity 120g/m2, four layers of Kraft paper structure. It is characterised by its high loading capacity and filtration efficiency.


Painting booths



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