Compact carbon filters

Metal Frame activated Carbon

Filter built using a galvanized steel frame and protected with a perforated sheet. Designed for the deodorization and purification of gaseous pollutants. Some application examples are: In air conditioning machinery, paint booths, air with low concentration of organic solvents, etc.

Technical features

Type: Panel filter with metal frame and activated carbon in pellets.
Frame: Galvanized steel or aluminum
Grille: Galvanized metal on both sides.
Filter element: Activated carbon. Charcoal with impregnation.
Relative Humidity: 70%.
Working temperature: Maximum 55ºC.
Media handling: It is recommended that installers wear a dust mask, goggles and rubber gloves. Waste generated by handling must be disposed of and recycled according to local, state and national regulations.


– Combined filtration of particles / molecules.
– All dimensions.
– Possibility of manufacturing with all the coals in our catalog. A solution for every problem.
– Non-woven membrane that protects from dust.


Active carbon filter

Metal Frame activated Carbon


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