Absolut Epa Filters

Microven (MDF)

The Hepa EPA semi-absolute filters are used in ventilation systems such as: Air Treatment units where semi-absolute terminal filtration is required; As a pre-filter for absolute filters in Clean Rooms, Operating Theatres and Laboratories; Industrial Processes (Microelectronics Industry, Optics, Food Industry, Fine Chemistry, etc.)

Technical features

Type: Semi-absolute Compact Filter.
Frame: MDF (High density wood)
Filtering Element: Fiberglass paper.
Separators: Thermoplastic glue beads.
Sealant: Polyurethane.
Joint: Bicomponent polyurethane liquid system.
(Semi-circular expanded polyurethane)
MPPS efficiency: 85%.
Class EN 1822: E10.
Recommended Final Pressure Loss: 600 Pa.
Temperature: 80ºC in continuous service.


– The V-shaped pleating method guarantees the optimum geometry of the pleats and a uniform distance between them, resulting in a lower pressure loss with a higher airflow.
– V-shaped pleat pleating, technology allows us to remove the aluminum separators and thereby eliminate the risk of leaks due to the perforations of the aluminum separators.
– The filter is light and easy to eliminate thanks to the new manufacturing technology.
– The filter with an MDF frame can be totally incinerated. The filter does not have any metal parts.
– The total use of the filtering area, in addition to the uniform dust deposition with the new pleat shape technology, leads to longer duration.
– Due to the increased filtering area, the speed of the air through the filter and the resistance to flow decrease, thereby saving energy.
– Thanks to the uniform shape of the pleats the airflow does not generate turbulences.
– The Microven filters offer more protection and reliability as a result of the larger filtration area provided by the new pleating shape technology. Also filtration efficiency is increased and an excellent cost-efficiency ratio is achieved.
– The filter media is self-extinguishing glass microfiber paper (class F-1) and resistant to humidity up to 100% relative humidity.


Absolute Filtration / Clean RoomsClass: E and H




Microven (MDF)


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