Compact carbon filters

Modules PP18

The PP18 Module was developped to provide a fast and clean granulate replenishment method in Ethylclean machines, as well as air purification systems in commercial and industrial applications. It is V-shaped to reduce air resistance. The filter is 100% recyclable. The module can contain any of the granules of the CARB range.

Technical features

Dimensions LxHxP: 439x296x154. Designed to be placed two, one next to the other, in a width of 60cm.
Weight (empty): 1.60 Kg
Volume: 15 liters
Material: 100% recyclable polystyrene
Packaging: Cardboard box with protective bag in a group of two units.
Working temperature: Maximum 55ºC
Relative humidity: 20-99%. Depending on the granulate used
Color: black


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Pressure Drop in PP18 Modules

Modules PP18


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