Compact carbon filters


Multi-dihedral carbon filter with half fold and active carbon.

Technical features

Type: Compact Polyhedral Rigid Bag Filter for deodorisation associated with a High Efficiency filter.
Frame: Polypropylene.
Filtering Element: Combines active carbon pellets with synthetic fibres and microfibres with an efficiency of 95%, according to EN 779, F7 and 85%, according EN779, M5.
Sealant: Polyurethane.
Average Efficiency % (Em): 85%
Class EN 779: F7
Recommended Fine Pressure Drop: 250 Pa.
Temperature: Should not exceed 45ºC
Retention capacity:
Organic substance toluene 952 g.
Organic substance n-Butane 117 g.
Inorganic substance SO2 350 g.
Inorganic substance HO2 5000 mg.

The retention capacity of the filter is determined for intake concentrations, according to standard E DIN 71460/part 2

Accumulation Capacity: (AC Fine/450 Pa) 650 g.


-Double action: A filtration F-7 class (EN 799:2002) and a adsorption of gases and odors in a single filtering stage.
-Contaminants of low concentrations.
-They don’t rust and are incinerable 100%
-Interchangeable filters with pre-existing filter bags or compact filters.

CAFP: 90%
CAF: 70%


Active Carbon Filters




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