Compact filters

Multiven Gas Turbine 292

Gas turbine air inlet.

Technical features

Type: Compact Polyhedral Rigid Bag Filter.
Frame: Polystyrene.
Filtering Element: Fiberglass paper.
Separators: Thermoplastic glue beads
Sealant: Bases, side and front sealed with Polyurethane.
Joint: Bicomponent polyurethane liquid system. (Semicircular expanded polyurethane)
Grill: Reinforcement grid as the air outlet in the model MVTG, the model MVTGSR does not include safety grid.
Average Efficiency % (Em): 80% < Em < 90% et 95% < Em.
EN779 Class: F7 and F9.
ISO 16890: ePM1 50% and ePM1 80%.
Recommended Final Pressure drop: 600 Pa.
Temperature: 80ºC continuous service.
Humidity: 100% RH.


Filters for turbines


Multiven Gas Turbine 292


*UxP: Units per box *Stock
F: Manufacture, S: Stock, SL: Limited Stock
*ME%: Minium Efficiency EN779:2012