Compact pocket filters

Multiven HT 120ºC

Inlet, Outlet and Recirculation in ventilation systems that require HIGH TEMPERATURE: Air Conditioning equipment (Air Conditioning Units, Ventilation Chambers, etc.), Air Conditioning Systems (Hospitals, Laboratories, Museums, Airports, etc…), Industrial Processes (Pharmaceutical Industry, Food Industry, Optics, Microelectronics, Veterinary, Chemical and Surface Treatment Industries) and as a prefilter for Hepa and Ulpa filters.

Technical features

Type: Compact Multihedral Rigid Bag Filter.
Frame: Polycarbonate.
Media: Fibreglass paper.
Separators: Glue beads Higt Temperature.
Sealant: Polyurethane two components.
Average Efficiency or Dust Spot: 60% ≤ Em < 80%, 80% ≤ Em < 90%, 90% ≤ Em < 95% and 95% ≤ Em.
Class EN 779: M6, F7, F8 and F9.
ISO 16890: ePM10 65%, ePM1 50%, ePM1 65% and ePM1 80%.
Recommended Final Pressure Loss: 600 Pa.
Temperature: 120-150 ºC continuous service.


– High dust retention capacity.
– Temperature: 120ºC continuous service.


Air Treatment


Multiven HT 120ºC


*UxP: Units per box

*Stock F: Manufacture, S: Stock, SL: Limited Stock
* ME%: Minimum Efficiency EN779: 2012
* Energy Consumption kWh / year: Calculated according to Eurovent 4 / 21-2017 guidelines.
** Energy Consumption kWh / year: Calculated according to Eurovent guidelines.
**** Energy class according to Eurovent.