Hepa diffuser

Plastic Housing

Terminal Diffuser for replaceable HEPA/ULPA filters for air diffusion in Clean Rooms with turbulent and laminar flow.

Technical features

Type: Diffuser Terminal unit for ceiling or wall installation for the final filtration in a Clean Room.
Construction: Manufactured in Self-Extinguishable Thermoformed Polystyrene. The lower part is manufactured in extruded aluminum profile and painted in white epoxy (RAL 9016).
Temperature: 80ºC in continuos service
Air Inlet: Side Inlet; circular neck.
Installation: Its lightweight design and rigid construction makes it easy and quick to fit. It has four squares fastening for its attachment.
Filter placement: At the bottom part of the one single piece smooth frame. The filters is held in place with fasteners that exert a continuous and constant pressure.

Filters: Laminarven type; depth of 66 mm.

Optionally they are manufactured with a room-based flow control system (HTPBCR).


– Significant weight reduction with respect to pre-existing terminal boxes.
– Smooth coating, which facilitates the easy cleaning of the diffuser grid.

Plastic plenum:

White-painted (RAL 9016) extruded profile frame on the lower part of the unit:

Sliding and removable moutings for filter positioning:

Probes for integrity testing and differential pressure measurement:

Room-based flow regulation system:

Diffuser grids: Perforated or rotational, painted in white (RAL 9016):


Fitting Elements

Technical documentation


Plastic Housing


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