Panel Filters

Plastic Varipleat

Air Treatment Units (Self-contained Air Conditioning Units, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Units), Industrial Processes (Pharmaceutical, Microelectronics, Optics, Food, Veterinary, Fine Chemistry, Industry)

Technical features

Type: High Efficiency Compact Filter.
Frame: Plastic.
Filtering Element: Fiberglass paper.
Separators: Thermoplastic glue beads.
Sealant: Polyurethane.
Average Efficiency: 40% ≤ Em < 60%, 60% ≤ Em < 80%, 80% ≤ Em < 90%, 90% ≤ Em < 95% and 95% ≤ Em
EN 779 Class: M6, F7, F8 and F9.
ISO 16890: ePM10 60%, ePM1 50%, ePM1 65% and ePM1 80%.
Recommended Final Pressure Loss: 450 Pa.
Temperature: 80ºC in continuous service.


– Rigid construction, facilitating the installation and substitution of GRAVIMETRICS FILTERS.
– These filters are fully interchangeable with pre-existing filters without the need to modify the CTA frames.
– High-efficiency, lightweight, Ultra-compact filter for narrow spaces (48 and 96 mm.).
– Filtration area, 10 times larger than that of Quebraven filters.
– Reduced operating costs.
– Lower maintenance cost its working life is twice that of a Quebraven G4.
– All parts are anti-corrosion and Incinerable (they do not emit toxic gas when burned in the incineration process at municipal waste facilities).
– Suitable food industry.


Air treatment


Plastic Varipleat


(*) ME%: Mínima Eficacia EN779:2012

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