Compact carbon filters


Poly-dihedral active carbon filter with a Galvanized flat box with panels of granulated active carbon.

For pre-filtration of central air conditioning and ventilation systems for the elimination of gaseous contaminants: Air handling units, Hospital Centers, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Comfort and Industrial Facilities, Chemical and Food Industry, Incineration/Niches/ treatment plants, Dead Animal Depots, Hotels, Restaurants, Discotheques, Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants, Museums, Theaters, Computer Rooms, Critical Areas.

Technical features

Type: Compact activated carbon filter.
Frame: Galvanized Steel.
Filtering Element: Active carbon dihedral panels.
Construction: The frame is made of galvanized steel. Granulated activated carbon panels mounted on the galvanized V-shaped frame, forming a highly robust multi-dihedral structure. To prevent leaks between the galvanized frame and the carbon, a sealing is carried out using polyurethane resin.
Grille: Metallic reinforcement in the air outlet.
Sealant: Polyurethane.
Temperature: Should not exceed 45ºC.


– Odor absorption.
– Special application: radioactive ions.
– Possibility of manufacturing with all the carbons in our catalogue.


Active Carbon Filters




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