Prefilters plastic broken surface


Plastic pre-filter (polystyrene) for the retention of coarse particles in installations and industrial processes with a high air flow in the smallest possible space.

Technical features

Type: Disposable filter with rough surface, folded in a zig-zag with a synthetic, self-supporting media.
Frame: Plastic (polystyrene).
Separators: Termoplastic glue strings.
Media: Synthetic standing fiber.
Sealant: Polyurethane.
Average yield % (Am): 92%<.
Average Efficiency % (Em): 40%
EN 779 Class: G4.
ISO 16890: Coarse 70%.
Recommmended final pressure: G4: 250 Pa.
Temperature: 80ºC.


– Self-standing pleated media without metal grids.
– Ultra-compact filter, sealed to prevent particle migration.
– Horizontal dividers folded at the air inlet and outlet to keep the folding space to facilitate air flow.
– 100% incinerable
– Non-corrosive.





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