Automotive paint-booth filters

Quebraven Metallic High Temperature

Pre-filter for the retention of coarser particles in industrial installations and processes with a large airflow, high temperatures with reduced spatial area.
Without silicone.

Technical features

Type: Disposable filter with an uneven surface, zigzag pleated, with fiber glassl and a grille on both sides.
Frame: Galvanised Steel.
Grille: Galvanised metal on both sides.
Media: Fiber glass.
Class EN 779: G4.
ISO 16890: Coarse 60%.
Recommended Final Pressure Drop: 250 Pa.
Temperature: 270ºC


Pre-filtration High Temperature

Quebraven Metallic High Temperature


Stock (*): F: Manufacturer, S: Stock, SL: Limited Stock
*ME%: Minium Efficiency EN779:2012