Replaceable carbon filters

Replaceable carbon cartridges

Replaceable carbon cartridges for air entry and exit in ventilation systems that require imporved odor absorption, VOCs and the elimination of gases with low toxicity levels.

Technical features

Type: Active carbon cylindrical cartridge.
Carbon: Impregnated Active Carbon.
Gasket: Neoprene.
Temperature: Should not exceed 45ºC.
Relative Humidity: Maximum 70%.
Contact time: According to the application it can vary from 0.1 to 0.2 seconds.

CALCULATION OF CONTACT TIME: Ct (sec.) = volume of active carbon (m3) / flow to be treated m3/h seconds.

Frame BTCGV2424 is fitted with 16 cartridges.
Cartridge CACGV145/450 contains 4.3 kg.
Volume of carbon = 16 x 4.3 = 68.8 liters or 0.0688 m3/h
Flow to be treated in the installation 1,200 m3h

Ct(sec.) = 0.0688 / 1200 x 3600 = 0.2 seconds

The contact time is 0.2 seconds, the flows would be as follows:
CACGV145/250 – 50 m3/h per cartridge
CACGV145/450 – 75 m3/h per cartridge
CACGV145/600 – 100 m3/h per cartridge


– Reloadable cartridges with granulated active carbon.
– Moludar system for adaptation to any installation.
– Possibility of manufacturing with all the carbons in our catalogue.


Active Carbon Filters

Replaceable carbon cartridges


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