UPA AIR Purifier

The main route of transmission of viruses, bacteria, dust particles and other polluting aerosols is the airway, therefore it must be controlled and reduced to the maximum in all types of buildings, especially those where there is a high level of occupancy. The comfort and health levels of the users and workers of these spaces can be dramatically improved thanks to the building facilities themselves. This includes HVAC systems and other elements such as air purifiers.

Technical features

Type: UPA series filtration units.
Construction: Smooth interior and exterior finishes, without screws, making them easy to clean and maintain.
Rock wool insulation in 30mm thick panels.
Access: Access for maintenance in all equipment selections.
Filter attachment: BTRA frame and GUIDES.
Installation: Air discharge from the unit is conducted to the outside.
Suction of room where the unit is located.
Vertical (purifier with wheels) or horizontal configuration.

Ventilador:Plug&Play unit with EC fans and speed regulation 10-100% by means of potentiometer (optional RC to keep the flow rate constant independently of the filter clogging status).

Led indicator: – Filter dirty
– Fan status
– UV lamp (optional)
ON/OFF switch: – For the unit
– For the UV lamp (optional)

Accesorios: – UPA-MIFV: Frontal supply module with 1,2,3 or 4-way single deflection grille.
– UPA-MAFV: Suction module for overpressure operation.
– UPA-MHS: System for equipment suspension (Horizontal Range)
– UPA-RC: Flow regulator (to maintain constant flow)
– UPA-CG:Accessory for UVC germicidal lamps.


Depending on the installation of the equipment, it can operate in three different modes of operation:

1. Unit to generate room depression that isolates the cabin: Extracts and expels clean air to prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria and aerosols outdoor ( requires exhaust duct mouth in purifier drive).
Installation mode: Air supply from the unit ducted to the outside. Suction from room where unit is located.

2. Unit for recirculation and cleaning of room air: To avoid proliferation and spread of viruses, bacteria and aerosols without the need to connect to ducts. Installation mode: Air supply from the unit directly to the room (possibility of MIFV 1-4 way accessory for supply through simple defection grid on 1,2,3 or 4 sides). Room suction where the unit is located.

3. Unit for generating room overpressure: Clean air supply without the presence of viruses, bacteria or aerosols. Installation mode: Supply of air from the unit directly into the room (possibility of MIFV 1-4 way accessory for impulse through single deflection grid with 1,2,3 or 4 sides). Suction conducted from outside the premises.



Technical documentation

Provision Suction/Supply Module (Optional for vertical range)

UPA AIR Purifier