Vcart-filter accordion


Retention of particles produced by spraying paints, glues, resin, fiberglass, tar, Teflon, oil, lubricant or any other liquid particles in the air.

Technical features

Type: Cardboard filter for paint booth extraction.
Media: Pleated, perforated cardboard, glued at the ends, constituting an inertial separation filter.
Maximum Pressure Drop: 128 – 150 Pa.
Temperature: 80ºC.
Recommended no. of pleats per m2: 26.


In the pleated and perforated cardboard type filter, the inertia separation forces the air flow loaded with particles to change several times of direction. The successive movements ensure that the particles are deposited at the bottom of the edges of the cardboard while the air flow continues its movement.

It is used for horitzontal and vertical paint booth. Its V-shape and the perfect positioning of the inlet and outlet holes give it a retention capacity of 15kg/m2. With the Vcart filter loading particles, the air flow remains constant unlike other classic filters that overspray dries and clogs on the surface, causing a significant drop in air velocity. The high rigidity of the filter (230g/m2) is due to the quality of the materials used for its manufacture: specially manufactured recycled paper of and water based glue.

The Vcart and the Vcart Plus version are Hydrosoluble.

The Vcart Plus filter adds a final layer to the synthetic fiber which allows to achieve an important retention capacity and a high filtration fineness.


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